4 Exercise Moves that Relieve Stress


Exercising isn’t just for staying in shape. It actually has many other benefits besides that. Exercising is a way to release stress and positive endorphins. Not only does exercise make a person feel better physically, it makes them feel better mentally as well. There are certain exercises in particular that are known for people to relieve stress.

Running has long been considered one of the top exercises in relieving stress. Running is therapeutic in a way because a person just focuses on themselves, maybe a little bit of music, and their feet pounding the pavement. The sights and sounds of nature help to calm a person’s nerves. The running motion is fairly simple and basic. Anyone can grasp it and choose a pace that’s right for them. Therefore, there’s no stress in having to nail down a new exercise routine. CNN says that running is good for any age and any skill level as long as proper precautions are taken.

Secondly, yoga has many mental health benefits. Yoga has been known to relieve stress. That’s because the body isn’t just stretching and moving into new positions. The mind is also relaxing and becoming one with the surrounding. Yoga takes a person away from all the stresses of life and gives them time to focus on relaxation and rejuvenation. There is a large selection of yoga poses. Some find that child’s pose really helps them to relieve stress and get back in touch with their inner feelings. It all depends on a person and what feels right for their body. There are yoga positions for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. That way, a person doesn’t have to struggle and stress their body out to make a position work. They can simply do what feels right. The Huffington Post even says that yoga can be done on the go. Whenever a person is stressed they can break out the yoga moves.

Doing laps in a pool is another form of stress relief while offering a full body workout. The water surrounding a person helps them to feel at ease and peace. It relaxes their mind and takes away all the stresses. When a person does laps in the pool, they are just focusing on keeping their body moving to make it through the water. They aren’t thinking of any of the days irritants.

Finally, kickboxing is an exercise move that alleviates stress. It’s the perfect exercise for anyone who has built up tension and is just looking for a way to release all of that. Kickboxing allows someone to punch and kick out all of their frustrations in a safe manner. They are left feeling less stressed after they unwind with a kickboxing class. Kickboxing is one of those exercises that a person can embark on alone or with a friend. They can do the activity within a class setting or at their local gym on their own. There is always options when it comes to kickboxing.

Overall, exercise has long been linked with stress relief. There are a variety of different options and poses. A person just has to find the right fit for them.

4 Creative Ways to Announce Your New Business


After many long months of planning, preparation, working endless hours, getting everything going, and dreaming, you are now ready to tell everyone about your new business or service. How do you let your prospective customers know that you exist and are ready to be their “go to” source?

Here are four suggested helpful ways to make your announcement with limited funds. Small business owners don’t need a big marketing budget but can take advantage of creativity.

1. Send a Personal Letter if Local

Compose a list of everyone you, relatives, or friends can think of who could use your products or service. Go in and talk to other complementary local businesses who can work with you in recommending each other. See if they will distribute some of your printed promotional materials just as you will do for them.

Once you have your mailing list, you can use a Sample Letter to guide you in composing what you want to say. You have to adjust the wording to your particular business and situation, but you can get ideas on what type of information to include and how to promote your offerings. Announcing your new business to prospective customers and advising them what you have to offer that would be helpful to them are the key points.

2. Make Use of Social Media

If your business is an online one, you want to let all your contacts on social media know about what you are about to launch. That includes putting messages into any forums you belong to that will allow you to post about a personal undertaking. Also search out other groups and forums in your niche by goggling the category. Go in and introduce yourself. Put the business name and brief information in your signature line.

Say that you are proud of your new venture and would love to be of help to readers. Share what is unusual about your business or service and why they would benefit from purchasing and contacting you for more information and details. Perhaps offer a special one-time discount for those who give the source that they used to find you. Ask that they help you spread the word since customers earned through referrals are also valuable.

3. Put Out a Regular Newsletter

Whether online or by good old-fashioned “snail mail”, send out a newsletter on a regular basis giving pertinent and interesting information that prospective customers will enjoy reading. Include announcing your grand opening, special sales, or an upcoming event. If you make a point of sending on a weekly or monthly basis, the readers will look forward to hearing from you.

4. Make Your Business or Service Stand Out

Consider your building and windows as blank canvases that are capable of attracting new business. Have your signage custom made in bright colors and with a large font that will stand out and be easily read. Create a window display that will be enticing and invite customers to come in. If you can‘t do that yourself, ask an artistic acquaintance to help you prepare the windows in a way that catches the eye.

3 Honors and Rewards of Working in Law Enforcement

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Often, the most attractive careers have many of the same qualities: great benefits, the opportunity for promotion, high salary, etc. Law enforcement has these perks, too, with the added honor and reward of helping people on a regular basis. Read on to learn three of the biggest benefits of being a police office.

1. Extensive Job Options

One of the best parts about being a law enforcement worker is the diversity of available job options. According to Career Profiles, there are so many jobs and careers to choose from, both when starting out and when deciding where you’d like your career to go. There are law enforcement jobs at the local, state and federal levels. Local job options include corrections officer, police office, court clerk, paralegal, judge and lawyer. State-level jobs include patrol office, investigative officer, state trooper, judge, lawyer, state highway patrol and bailiff. Federal job options include both uniformed and investigative careers. People in federal law enforcement may have positions with the DEA, the Secret Service, or the FBI.

2. Helping People and Saving Lives

According to About.com, law enforcement officers often have the ability to save a life. Sometimes, that means giving someone the Heimlich. Other times, it could be as serious as pulling somebody out of a burning car. On top of having the chance to help people, being a law enforcement officer means having a presence that makes people feel safe. By enforcing laws consistently, you never know just how many accidents you prevent and how many lives you truly do save. Whenever you break up a fight, write a speeding ticket or respond to a domestic violence call, you could very well be preventing a much bigger problem. Knowing you’re doing so much to help others is one of the greatest rewards of working in law enforcement.

3. Great Benefits

Law enforcement professionals tend to get great benefits, including a good pension plan and an attractive retirement package. Police officers can often retire with half of their base salary after 20 years of service. Since just 20 years is required before retirement, many police officers go on to have a second career after retiring from law enforcement. When you work at the federal level, your benefits tend to be especially good. People in a federal law enforcement position often get increases to their salary every year, plus additional salary rates to compensate for relocation and overtime. LEAP, which stands for law enforcement availability pay, is offered to federal employees and federal officers who are asked to work extra overtime. LEAP is 25% of the worker’s base salary grade. Local and state law enforcement officers are also paid overtime on a per-hour basis. Law enforcement workers also get compensation for work-related travel, living and lodging expenses.


Advantages of Taking Taxis When You Travel

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Whether living in the city or rural regions, you will need to travel from one point to another. There are many options you could pick, which include using train, buses, or even walking if the distance is not too long. A taxi is among the most suitable options you can pick any day as you are assured to arrive at your destination without delays or disruptions. Here are some of the reasons many people would prefer to take a taxi over other means when traveling.

Unlike other public transport options, a taxi allows you to enjoy the freedom of choosing the route you want. There are no other passengers to inconvenience your comfort while traveling. Taxis offer a flexible option for travel and are ideal for emergencies. As stated on a Wikipedia article, you will also be able to avoid taxes that come with owning the car. There are no expenses for regular maintenance or stress due to breakdowns. Therefore, this is viewed as an ideal option by many and can serve whenever needed.

A taxi offers an efficient form of transport any time of the day. The charges are affordable among many people and offer one the comfort that would be achieved in owning a car. According to a news post on Huffington post, taxi fare would drop by $1 starting 1st November, 2015. This is a business that is regulates, so you are assured there will be no fare hikes as would be with other options of transport.

While traveling in a taxi, you will not suffer loss of time due to things as stops since the car can only pick one person at a time. This is unlike buses which will keep picking and dropping passengers at various stops, thereby taking longer for some passengers to arrive at their destinations. Most taxi drivers are used to different routes, so if it’s in an emergency situation, the driver can pick a shorter route to your destination. You also avoid getting lost in the city especially when you are traveling to a place you have never been to before. A taxi driver is more likely familiar with many parts of the city, so he will easily drive using the safest and shortest route.

Less or no noise
Using public transport that caters for more than five people can sometimes turn out embarrassing. There could be kids and other people making noises as you proceed and not everyone would love such a scenario. However, taxis offer a means that is free from all these inconveniences as the only noise you will get could come from music in the car, something you can control or switch off if you like.

How to Find a Budget-Friendly Hotel in a Major Metro


Traveling to a major metro area can come with a rather large sticker shock. Prices in larger cities are typically more expensive than in other areas. Regardless of the reason why the cost of everything is more expensive, it doesn’t mean you need to spend a large amount of money on finding a budget friendly hotel in the major metro area. With a few easy to use tools, you’ll be able to visit any city, from Chicago to Bangkok, all without worrying about the price.

Online Travel Booking Service

Services like Expedia, Priceline and others are great for comparing prices, services and the location of hotels. These services are located worldwide, so even if you are traveling to another nation half-way around the world, you can still fire up this service. Whether on your own computer or mobile device, it is easy to look for a hotel that fits your budget and has the necessary amenities provided. If you want to save money while also cutting the amount of time it takes to find a hotel, this is the way to go.


Sometimes the hotels you want to stay in are just too expensive, or maybe you’d like something closer to a certain attraction while experiencing what it likes to live in the city. To do that, the best option you have available is by renting out someone’s own apartment, condo or other space. Thanks to Air BNB, you can do that. This is a service where individuals rent out their own homes and allow you to save often over what you might pay towards hotels. With this kind of a service, you can feel confident you are landing a nice location with the money going directly back to a local.

Couch Surfer

Now this is a great little feature if you are traveling on your own and just don’t want to spend any money at all. It also makes it easy for you to save money and meet great people. With couch surfer, people more or less open their home to you and allow you to sleep on their couch. You create a profile through the service and, just like any other service, you rate and review individuals while others rate and review you. This makes it a fun time for just about anyone. If you like to meet new people around the world, check out this service.

You don’t need to go broke visiting locations around the world. If you are visiting a major metro area, you don’t need to spend very much money to have a quality hotel. In fact, you might not even need to spend any money at all, depending on who you go with.

Five Reasons to Consider Franchising Your Business


When owning a business one of the things that you might consider is franchising your business. By franchising your business you will have a number of ways to earn more revenue as well as building your brand. Like many other endeavors there are five things you should consider when looking to franchise your business. These five reasons include expanding without a lot of capital, expand quickly, have the franchise open locations for you, the need to move to another location due to competition and also to have an exit strategy. With these five reasons any business owner who is looking to engage in franchising will have an easier and more efficient way of achieving this objective.

The first thing to consider when franchising is to expand when lacking the capital to do this on your own. With franchising you will have the ability to expand by leveraging the funds from other franchises. As a result you will have the ability to expand with other sources of capital and achieve your objective of having more storefronts available for customers to visit. Franchising allows you to use other sources of capital when you don’t have the funds available at the moment.

With franchising you can grow and expand more quickly. Since opening up a storefront can take a lot of time and resources, expanding your business may seem like a very unappealing option at times. However with franchising you will be able to easily expand because the franchise will open up more units for you. As a result you will have the company open up locations for you while allowing you to run your business with no interruption and no depletion of your resources.

Using a franchise to expand will help you when you don’t have human resources to open units yourself. As a franchisor you won’t need to do this because it is the responsibility of the franchise to open up units. They have the staff and personnel to open up more locations for you and therefore are more able to accomplish this task. Being a franchise enables you to get more locations established without the need of other employees to complete this task.

Franchising can also allow you to move out of a space or market in it more easily. If you are looking to open up a franchise in a location where there is lots of competition, then a franchise can help get you established by more effectively marketing your business. The franchise can also help you relocate more quickly and also market effectively to help get you established in a timely manner.

Lastly franchising can give you a great exit strategy. If you are in need of selling a company a franchise can allow you to accomplish this task more easily than with an independently owned business. A franchise can also allow you to keep a certain amount of locations while selling one. As a result, franchising can help you exit the business by more easily selling your location.

5 Benefits of Buying a New Home at the End of the Year

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The American dream is to buy a home. Whether it’s a big two-story tutor in the city or a ranch in the country makes no difference, owning a home is a blessing. That place to call home can bring in some great benefits, more so around tax season. Summer is known as the best time to move, but when it comes to perks; the end of the year is the time to buy. Here are some reasons why you should make that purchase happen before the New Year begins.

1. Uncle Sam Gives Back

The tax breaks that a person gets are reason enough to sign on the dotted line. While you cannot claim everything you spend on your taxes, you can write off any mortgage interest that you pay. Don’t forget the deductions for property taxes and points on your loan. If you add all these deductions up, it’s a significant amount to write off.

2. Sellers Are Motivated

Sellers change in the fall and winter months. While they may have held out for top dollar in the spring, their attitude might change in the winter. There usually aren’t as many buyers combing the ads looking for a home in the off season. People get desperate when they don’t have any interest in their home; they may be willing to cut their price considerably. Buyers find that sellers accept offers they would have otherwise rejected in the earlier parts of the year.

3. Builder Incentives

If you are going the route of a new home, you will find many builders offer extra perks to get the deal closed by the end of the calendar year. You may find that you get a carpet upgrade or a few features that weren’t necessarily on the plan before. Also, be sure to ask for more because they are willing to give. Being able to close the year with as many sales as possible is advantageous to their bottom line.

4. Having Something of Your Own For The Holidays

Around the holidays, people become emotional about family and togetherness. Perhaps that new home has a large living or dining space that will accommodate your brood easily, or maybe you just want the liberty to have as many people over without interrupting other neighbors like you would in a rental.

5. An Easier Time To Move

You will find that it is easier to reserve a rental truck this time of year, and there won’t be a rush on moving boxes either. Yes, the fall and winter seasons are the perfect times to move. With a little luck and some hard work, you will find the home of your dreams at the price you want. You may even get those little extra perks like built-ins or an upgraded siding if you buy new.

How to Measure and Choose Window Treatments for Your Home


There are a lot of different treatments to choose from when you are looking into window treatments, and that can make it kind of difficult to make a decision, here is a list of just some of the options you have to choose from in terms of window treatments:

1. The laid-back Roman Shade Style- The Roman shades are actually known for being a great alternative to drapes or blinds in a home or office. These shades will be able to help put a soft touch to a window’s weird-looking lines and at the same time, they will be able to control the amount of light and heat a room receives. These types of shades are actually very recognizable by their bottom which curves. They will make the perfect shades for rooms that are on the traditional side of style or rooms that have a feminine touch.

2. The Flat Roman Style Shades- These types of shades are also known for being the most used Roman style of shades, thanks to their being able to look good in settings that are feminine or masculine and also are good in various design aesthetics. They are basically able to be spotted by their straight edge that runs on the fabric’s bottom half.

3. The Functional Panels- The most important decision to make in terms of window treatments is whether or not to get stationary or functional panels. The functional panels have the ability to be used for the control of the amount of light that comes into a room and the amount of privacy allowed in a room. These panels usually cost more than the stationary panels and are made with the right amount of fabric so that you are able to draw them open and also closed.

4. The Stationary Panels- These panels are made for decoration, not function. They can be used to add a soft touch to a window’s edges. These panels are relatively cheap and need lass fabric than that of the functional panels, making them a good buy on a budget.

5. The Drapery Lengths- When someone refers to the term break, they are referring to the drapery panel bottom touching the floor. If you are a person that has kids and pets, it is probably a good ideal to make a break of at least 1/4 inch off the floor. This break is great for cleaning, since the hem is off the floor, making it easy to clean under.
Tips for Measuring Window Treatments for Your Home

1. Make sure to use a tape measuring tool that is made with metal. This is way easier and more efficient.

2. Make sure that you measure all of the windows in the house, even if you believe that they are all of the same size.

3. When it comes to decorative traverse rods and cafe style curtains that are able to be hung using rings, make sure that you start all of the measurements at the ring’s bottom for accurate measurements.

Choosing Between the ER and Urgent Care


Deciding whether to go to the hospital emergency room (ER) is often a clear-cut decision.
Choosing between the ER and Urgent Care will help you understand your options to make decisions easier when you need immediate care.

If you have a non-urgent condition such as fever, flu symptoms, minor cuts, animal bites, allergic reactions, broken bones – your best choice would be an urgent care center and would be far better for time and cost.

If you have a serious medical condition such as stroke, heart attack, electrical shock, severe burns – the resources and services available at an ER would make that a far better choice.

Although urgent care or retail clinics are not able to take care of emergencies, they are staffed to handle conditions that require fast medical attention.

What is the difference between the local hospital’s ER and an Urgent Care Center?

An emergency room (ER) is an area of a hospital that treats people who need critical medical attention for sudden illnesses, serious traumas, and other health-related emergencies.

An urgent care center is ready to treat the less serious, more common ailments and conditions that also need prompt care from doctors or clinicians.

People do not need to make appointments at either an ER or urgent care center; they can just walk right in and be seen. ER’s are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and while urgent care centers are not generally open around the clock, they are staffed beyond the hours of most primary-care practices and include evening and weekend hours. In addition, they are also located in the communities of the people who need the help, so they are very convenient.

Urgent care centers can treat children and the elderly in many circumstances for the same minor illnesses and conditions for which teens and adults are treated. However, infants who are less than 2 months old and seniors who are extremely fragile should go straight to an emergency department.

Generally if you feel that someone has life-threatening injuries or symptoms, then the choice is straight-forward which is to head to ER. If it’s not, then an Urgent Care should be able to take care.

Occasionally, it might be difficult to know some ailments and symptoms and only trained medical personnel could make the call. If it’s too close to call, going to an emergency room would be the best decision.

There is no definitive list of ailments that demand to be treated at emergency rooms. If the condition can be life-threatening or endanger your life, it is an emergency.

Patients with chronic needs such as depression or diabetes need to be seen by a primary care physician.
If you need more information choosing between the ER and Urgent Care, visit ER or Urgent Care.

How to Shade the Inside of Your Home and Keep it Cool


When it comes to summertime, keeping your house cool does not have to be a problem for anyone. During the summer, the sun starts to beat down on houses and it can cause the overall temperature of the house to go skyrocketing, making being inside feel very uncomfortable. Having an air-conditioner can prevent the unpleasant feelings during the summer, but that can take a toll on your electric bill, and the cost of the air conditioner, having it installed, renting one or just buying one outright can cause your money to disappear in a heartbeat. Not only is the cost of air-conditioning really expensive, but the effect that the air conditioning units can have on the ozone layer can be very harmful.

There are however, alternatives that everyone can use to replace air conditioning in their home, here are some of those alternatives:

1. Shading- You can shade your home using trees, bushes and shades. This is able to cause the temperature of the atmosphere in the home to drop by as much as 20 degrees, making shading a great alternative to air conditioning.

2. Walls- When it comes to the color of your walls, the color does not just have to be for decorative purposes, it can also be the difference between a hot summer and a cool summer. Darker shades of color on walls have been proven effective in the lowering of temperatures in houses and the lighter shades can actually attract the heat to the house causing the temperature to rise in the house.

3. Windows- Around the amount of 40% of the heat that is not wanted in a home can actually be traced back to coming from the windows. One of the ways to fix this problem is to use reflective window coatings when it comes to your windows. These will help in reflecting the heat and making it leave the home and are plastic sheets. The reflective window coatings are not just good for making a house become cool, they are also great for stopping glare from the light outside and can lessen the fading of draperies, carpeting and furniture. Sun control films is one of the plastic sheet coatings that are very popular. Reflecting around 80% of the sunlight that is coming indoors, sun control films are very popular in the areas of the world where there are higher temperatures. However, a lot of the sun control films are known for lessening the amount of heat that is inside as well as they reduce the amount of light, meaning that they can cause you to become a little too cold during the summer if the weather outside is not too hot.