How to Shade the Inside of Your Home and Keep it Cool

When it comes to summertime, keeping your house cool does not have to be a problem for anyone. During the summer, the sun starts to beat down on houses and it can cause the overall temperature of the house to go skyrocketing, making being inside feel very uncomfortable. Having an air-conditioner can prevent the unpleasant feelings during the summer, but that can take a toll on your electric bill, and the cost of the air conditioner, having it installed, renting one or just buying one outright can cause your money to disappear in a heartbeat. Not only is the cost of air-conditioning really expensive, but the effect that the air conditioning units can have on the ozone layer can be very harmful.

There are however, alternatives that everyone can use to replace air conditioning in their home, here are some of those alternatives:

1. Shading- You can shade your home using trees, bushes and shades. This is able to cause the temperature of the atmosphere in the home to drop by as much as 20 degrees, making shading a great alternative to air conditioning.

2. Walls- When it comes to the color of your walls, the color does not just have to be for decorative purposes, it can also be the difference between a hot summer and a cool summer. Darker shades of color on walls have been proven effective in the lowering of temperatures in houses and the lighter shades can actually attract the heat to the house causing the temperature to rise in the house.

3. Windows- Around the amount of 40% of the heat that is not wanted in a home can actually be traced back to coming from the windows. One of the ways to fix this problem is to use reflective window coatings when it comes to your windows. These will help in reflecting the heat and making it leave the home and are plastic sheets. The reflective window coatings are not just good for making a house become cool, they are also great for stopping glare from the light outside and can lessen the fading of draperies, carpeting and furniture. Sun control films is one of the plastic sheet coatings that are very popular. Reflecting around 80% of the sunlight that is coming indoors, sun control films are very popular in the areas of the world where there are higher temperatures. However, a lot of the sun control films are known for lessening the amount of heat that is inside as well as they reduce the amount of light, meaning that they can cause you to become a little too cold during the summer if the weather outside is not too hot.