How to Cater the Perfect Birthday Party On A Budget

When you’re planning a birthday party for a child, one of the things that you want to keep in mind is the food. You likely want to have a cake, which is sometimes where you will spend the most money. The food could get expensive, but it doesn’t have to be outrageous as you can cater a perfect party and still stick with a budget.

Plan Ahead
If you know of an approximate number of guests who will be at the party, then it can make it easier to purchase food. When you don’t know how many people you will have to serve, then it can be easy to spend more money on items that aren’t needed. Make a list¬†of all the people who you want to invite. Set a limit as to the number of people. Once you have an idea as to the number who tell you that they will be there, then you can begin shopping for the essential items that are needed.

Instead of serving a meal, consider serving snack foods. You don’t even have to cook anything in order to have a fun party. Set up the cake in the center of the table, and add bowls of chips, nuts and ice cream so that guests have something to enjoy. These are items that are easy to open and pour on a plate or into a bowl, and you can often get them on sale without paying a lot of money.

Simple Steps
If you do want to serve a meal to guests, consider something that’s easy to do and doesn’t involve a lot of money. Hot dogs are ideal for children. The toppings are rather inexpensive as well. You can use slaw, chili, ketchup and mustard as side items so that guests can choose what they want on their hot dog. If you have a little more flexibility in the budget, consider hamburgers for the adults. Another option for something simple and inexpensive is pizza. Grab a few frozen pizzas, and serve them on a fun platter that matches the theme of the party.

Dollar Stores And Bulk
You don’t need to get everything at a high-priced supermarket. There are quite a few items that you can find at a general dollar store, such as chips and the accessories that you need to serve the food. When you buy in bulk, you can often save money as you can get larger amounts of the items that you need that have been priced at a lower cost per unit.

Friends And Family
Talk to friends and family who are coming to the party to see if they can help with the food. You could do a pot luck dinner with each person bringing a dish. Another option is for everyone to bring a favorite candy or ice cream. Once you have all of the items that guests bring, you can set up a table for everyone to get what they want.