Exterior Home Painting Tips for Newbies

It may seem like a daunting task, but with the right equipment, the right paint and some patience, it can be done.It may well take more than one day, so that should be one thing you prepare for. Choose your colors and trim, and then get your equipment together and get ready to paint. Here are some tips for people who may not have painted many houses.

There is no escaping the reality of having to prepare your house to be painted. The preparation takes longer, and is harder, than painting. Avoid the temptation to scrimp here. Scraping off old paint down to the wood is the best thing you can do, and it will require sanding as well. Some spackling may also be needed.

Be careful when choosing your paint. Professional painters say you should use the best possible paint. You can tell the grade by the label or by the price. A more expensive higher grade paint will last longer, look better longer, and wash easier. A very high grade of paint could last 20 years while a low grade will last only a few.

Likewise, put some thought into your equipment, such as brushes and rollers. These paint applicators also come in different grades and prices, but you don’t really save money in the long run with the cheaper ones. A higher quality roller, for instance, will apply the paint more evenly and actually spread the paint out more.

Start painting on the shady side of the house. Paint in the shade, or keep wet paint in the shade, as much as possible. You can start on the shady side, and in the evening the other side will be in shade. In bright sunlight pain dries too fast and that can lead to early blistering. You should also avoid extreme temperatures, especially cold. Most paints should not be applied at below 50 degrees.

You will likely need a 24-foot extension ladder, and maybe scaffolding. You can usually rent these at hardware stores or rental stores. While working high up, practice safety. When reaching to the right or left, keep your body inside the ladder area to avoid tipping over. It is better, and safer, to climb down and move the ladder and climb back up, even if it is just a few inches.

Often groups will paint, with everyone painting a section. For best results however, professionals recommend painting one section at a time and then moving to the next section. This allows the paint to dry more evenly and will give it an overall smooth appearance.

Avoid working alone if you are on a ladder. This is just a safety measure in case you were to fall. A partner can also keep a ladder steady on uneven ground.