3 Honors and Rewards of Working in Law Enforcement

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Often, the most attractive careers have many of the same qualities: great benefits, the opportunity for promotion, high salary, etc. Law enforcement has these perks, too, with the added honor and reward of helping people on a regular basis. Read on to learn three of the biggest benefits of being a police office.

1. Extensive Job Options

One of the best parts about being a law enforcement worker is the diversity of available job options. According to Career Profiles, there are so many jobs and careers to choose from, both when starting out and when deciding where you’d like your career to go. There are law enforcement jobs at the local, state and federal levels. Local job options include corrections officer, police office, court clerk, paralegal, judge and lawyer. State-level jobs include patrol office, investigative officer, state trooper, judge, lawyer, state highway patrol and bailiff. Federal job options include both uniformed and investigative careers. People in federal law enforcement may have positions with the DEA, the Secret Service, or the FBI.

2. Helping People and Saving Lives

According to About.com, law enforcement officers often have the ability to save a life. Sometimes, that means giving someone the Heimlich. Other times, it could be as serious as pulling somebody out of a burning car. On top of having the chance to help people, being a law enforcement officer means having a presence that makes people feel safe. By enforcing laws consistently, you never know just how many accidents you prevent and how many lives you truly do save. Whenever you break up a fight, write a speeding ticket or respond to a domestic violence call, you could very well be preventing a much bigger problem. Knowing you’re doing so much to help others is one of the greatest rewards of working in law enforcement.

3. Great Benefits

Law enforcement professionals tend to get great benefits, including a good pension plan and an attractive retirement package. Police officers can often retire with half of their base salary after 20 years of service. Since just 20 years is required before retirement, many police officers go on to have a second career after retiring from law enforcement. When you work at the federal level, your benefits tend to be especially good. People in a federal law enforcement position often get increases to their salary every year, plus additional salary rates to compensate for relocation and overtime. LEAP, which stands for law enforcement availability pay, is offered to federal employees and federal officers who are asked to work extra overtime. LEAP is 25% of the worker’s base salary grade. Local and state law enforcement officers are also paid overtime on a per-hour basis. Law enforcement workers also get compensation for work-related travel, living and lodging expenses.


5 Factors to Consider Before Filing for Divorce

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Til death do us part or til divorce certificate do us part? Unfortunately today there is less successful marriages in the U.S. than there are that truly last forever.  Luckily these are five factors to consider before filing for divorce. Hopefully any couples currently on the fence may be swayed to try and work it out.

Filing for divorce is usually a very stressful process. The process of slowly losing that person you once loved, the process of divorce lawyers, the process of possession calculation, the process of someone usually moving away, the emotional process of getting back into the dating world. The process for this the process for that; finalizing a divorce can take from one month to one year! A lot more time it takes to kiss the bride.

If the process of everything being finalized wasn’t enough, think about your child or children in the marriage. Now every holiday has to be spent twice with each parent or other family. What if Dad lives 100 miles away from mom? That means every weekend get ready to spend extra money on transportation for that quality time together. Its like paying to see your kids which should be a free thing in life. And if you don’t want to see them that’s okay too, child support will see you instead.

Okay maybe you divorced later in life and all of your kids all adults; you’re all set right? Most likely not, the older you divorce the less time you have to find another spouse or significant other. No one wants to turn into the infamous cat lady or the weird old guy that still hits on people half his age, but that is a main factor to divorcing late in life.

Reputation is also affected when it comes to being a divorcee or multiple divorcee. Once maybe fine, but three or four divorces is usually not a good sign for a potential soul mate. You may find people you really like who may not give you a chance based on your history. I mean they don’t want to be another statistic on your divorce timeline

Another factor in divorce is the dependence of one spouse on another financially. What if only one in the couple worked? That means the other will not have any income and most likely anywhere they can afford to live. Homelessness or moving in with family or friends would be the only option left available.

Time wasted isn’t a factor for some people. But for those who do value there time and energy put into a relationship a divorce is the worst. Think about that girlfriend or boyfriend you dated for 6 months or a year but broke up with because they were cheating or just not compatible with you. Now think of all the other possible dates you could gone on in that year span with someone else. That’s like divorce but about ten more years worse.