8 Surprising Wedding Dress Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Weddings are magical. Every bride wants to be a princess walking down the aisle to meet their prince charming. There are key elements that make this day possible, one of which is the bridal gown. Sure the cake, venue and flowers are important too; but everyone is going to be looking at that dress. Wedding dresses have evolved over time and today’s description of this famous gown isn’t what it was 100 years ago. Here are some fun facts that might surprise you about the wedding dress.

1. Brides Buy Their Gowns At Least 11 Months Before The Wedding:

It’s a proven fact that when a girl gets a ring, the next thing she is looking for is the gown for her big day.

2. Brides Spend More Money on Their Dress than on Their Hair and Makeup:

The bride cares so much about the dress; she will often max out the wedding budget to get the one she wants. That means if she must cut costs on hair and makeup, so be it.

3. The Longest Train on a Wedding Dress is 1.85 miles Long

This record was set in Romania and made it into the Guinness World Book of Records. It was made by Andree Salon for a Romanian Bride.

4. The Wedding Dress was Patterned After Queen Victoria

When Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert back in 1840, she insisted on wearing a sparkling white gown. It wasn’t meant to represent purity; rather she liked the color white.

5. Pinterest is Considered The Place To Go For Wedding Dress Tips

Pinterest has become so popular that more than 50 percent of women in the UK are using their tips and tricks to find and design the perfect wedding gown.

6. Blue Was The Standard Color For A Wedding Dress

We’ve already discussed that the wedding gown changed colors when Queen Victoria wore white in 1840. Before this time period, women wore blue dresses because it was a sign of purity in the middle ages. The old saying “something borrowed something blue,” came from this time.

7. The Average Cost of a Wedding Dress is Near $1,400

Though some may spend way more on their wedding gown that the average price of $1,355 the typical bride in the US doesn’t spend as much as one would think.

8. 46 Percent of Brides Pass Their Dress Down To Their Children

Though we often see tons of dresses online that are being auctioned off daily, almost half the population still believes in the old tradition of saving the dress for their children and grandchildren. It’s a sweet gesture, but usually, the dresses don’t get worn.

There are so many things about the wedding dress that people don’t know. About 32 percent buy their dress from a retail store while 18 percent will order their online. However, a bride chooses to find her dress is up to her. There is no right or wrong way to have a spectacular dress on a memorable day.