6 Creative Ways to Add Flair to Your Wedding Day Look

You are unique, and you want your wedding to showcase your personalities. While many couples have some traditional expectations for their big day, many more are looking for ways to add a memorable flair to their wedding day look. Below are some fantastic, creative ideas to get you started.

Carry out a theme

If you have a family heritage, hobby or memories you want to include, make it a part of your look. For example, if you’re Irish and planning an Irish-themed wedding, give each other claddagh rings symbolizing love, friendship and loyalty. Try “hand-fasting,” literally tying the knot during the ceremony, carrying a horseshoe or incorporating green into your look.

Creative floral design

Go with unconventional pops of color and interesting combinations when choosing your flowers. Berries, buds, small branches, greenery, rhinestones, copper wire and more can add charm and vivaciousness to your bouquet. Also, wrapping the stems with a handkerchief, raffia, or strips of silk, burlap or lace can be a creative way to incorporate your overall wedding day theme into your floral design.

Change up the white dress and tuxedo

Your wedding dress is a huge part of your big day look. Once you find the perfect dress, personalize it with a shawl, colorful sash or pin. Maybe you want to invest in a“transformer” dress, one that shortens to be perfect for dancing at your reception or utilize pieces of a vintage family gown in your dress. Options are almost limitless! If the traditional tuxedo is too much for the groom, consider the type of wedding you’re having. A church wedding may still necessitate a suit, but an outdoor wedding can include anything from khakis, suspenders and bowties to jeans and cowboy boots.

Experiment with headpieces

A traditional veil is beautiful, but get creative with using your mom’s or grandmother’s veil in addition to incorporating your “something old.” Also, short headpieces featuring feathers and lace, exotic hairbands and beautiful tiaras abound. If you have an artistic flair, you may even want to create your own headpiece! For the groom, a cowboy hat or fedora can add some fun to the wedding day look.

Add some fun shoes

Nothing is more fun at a wedding than seeing a great, happy pair of shoes peeking out from under a wedding gown. Whether you choose rhinestone boots, “glass” slippers, colorful heels or comfortable Chuck Taylors, your feet can have a personality all their own. The same goes for the groom with Van’s, Sperry’s or flip-flops. One-of-a-kind shoes also add lots of pizzazz to pictures!

Find some out of the ordinary accessories

A statement necklace is sure to garner ooh’s and ahh’s from everyone, but artistic bangles, earrings, rings and anklets can add a pop of style as well. Don’t forget about carrying something that reflects your personality, like a monogrammed handkerchief or parasol.

Ultimately, your wedding day is about you as a couple and your love for each other, so work together to choose looks that will feature the best of who you are.