4 Exercise Moves that Relieve Stress

Exercising isn’t just for staying in shape. It actually has many other benefits besides that. Exercising is a way to release stress and positive endorphins. Not only does exercise make a person feel better physically, it makes them feel better mentally as well. There are certain exercises in particular that are known for people to relieve stress.

Running has long been considered one of the top exercises in relieving stress. Running is therapeutic in a way because a person just focuses on themselves, maybe a little bit of music, and their feet pounding the pavement. The sights and sounds of nature help to calm a person’s nerves. The running motion is fairly simple and basic. Anyone can grasp it and choose a pace that’s right for them. Therefore, there’s no stress in having to nail down a new exercise routine. CNN says that running is good for any age and any skill level as long as proper precautions are taken.

Secondly, yoga has many mental health benefits. Yoga has been known to relieve stress. That’s because the body isn’t just stretching and moving into new positions. The mind is also relaxing and becoming one with the surrounding. Yoga takes a person away from all the stresses of life and gives them time to focus on relaxation and rejuvenation. There is a large selection of yoga poses. Some find that child’s pose really helps them to relieve stress and get back in touch with their inner feelings. It all depends on a person and what feels right for their body. There are yoga positions for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users. That way, a person doesn’t have to struggle and stress their body out to make a position work. They can simply do what feels right. The Huffington Post even says that yoga can be done on the go. Whenever a person is stressed they can break out the yoga moves.

Doing laps in a pool is another form of stress relief while offering a full body workout. The water surrounding a person helps them to feel at ease and peace. It relaxes their mind and takes away all the stresses. When a person does laps in the pool, they are just focusing on keeping their body moving to make it through the water. They aren’t thinking of any of the days irritants.

Finally, kickboxing is an exercise move that alleviates stress. It’s the perfect exercise for anyone who has built up tension and is just looking for a way to release all of that. Kickboxing allows someone to punch and kick out all of their frustrations in a safe manner. They are left feeling less stressed after they unwind with a kickboxing class. Kickboxing is one of those exercises that a person can embark on alone or with a friend. They can do the activity within a class setting or at their local gym on their own. There is always options when it comes to kickboxing.

Overall, exercise has long been linked with stress relief. There are a variety of different options and poses. A person just has to find the right fit for them.