4 Creative Ways to Announce Your New Business

After many long months of planning, preparation, working endless hours, getting everything going, and dreaming, you are now ready to tell everyone about your new business or service. How do you let your prospective customers know that you exist and are ready to be their “go to” source?

Here are four suggested helpful ways to make your announcement with limited funds. Small business owners don’t need a big marketing budget but can take advantage of creativity.

1. Send a Personal Letter if Local

Compose a list of everyone you, relatives, or friends can think of who could use your products or service. Go in and talk to other complementary local businesses who can work with you in recommending each other. See if they will distribute some of your printed promotional materials just as you will do for them.

Once you have your mailing list, you can use a Sample Letter to guide you in composing what you want to say. You have to adjust the wording to your particular business and situation, but you can get ideas on what type of information to include and how to promote your offerings. Announcing your new business to prospective customers and advising them what you have to offer that would be helpful to them are the key points.

2. Make Use of Social Media

If your business is an online one, you want to let all your contacts on social media know about what you are about to launch. That includes putting messages into any forums you belong to that will allow you to post about a personal undertaking. Also search out other groups and forums in your niche by goggling the category. Go in and introduce yourself. Put the business name and brief information in your signature line.

Say that you are proud of your new venture and would love to be of help to readers. Share what is unusual about your business or service and why they would benefit from purchasing and contacting you for more information and details. Perhaps offer a special one-time discount for those who give the source that they used to find you. Ask that they help you spread the word since customers earned through referrals are also valuable.

3. Put Out a Regular Newsletter

Whether online or by good old-fashioned “snail mail”, send out a newsletter on a regular basis giving pertinent and interesting information that prospective customers will enjoy reading. Include announcing your grand opening, special sales, or an upcoming event. If you make a point of sending on a weekly or monthly basis, the readers will look forward to hearing from you.

4. Make Your Business or Service Stand Out

Consider your building and windows as blank canvases that are capable of attracting new business. Have your signage custom made in bright colors and with a large font that will stand out and be easily read. Create a window display that will be enticing and invite customers to come in. If you can‘t do that yourself, ask an artistic acquaintance to help you prepare the windows in a way that catches the eye.